Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Morgan Frances is a multimedia journalist, reporter, one-man band (whatever you want to call it) who is ready to go live or at a moment’s notice. She has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting reporter who gets the answers that matter to the community.

She joined KRIS-TV and KZTV, the NBC and CBS duopoly in Corpus Christi, Texas, in January 2012 as a weekend producer and weekday reporter/multimedia journalist. She quickly excelled to a highly-trusted morning live shot reporter, multimedia journalist and fill-in anchor. After months of investigating, she exposed frequent 9-1-1 callers taking advantage of the EMS system. Her presence on social media sparked a police investigation into fight videos posted online. Her creative writing in a story about a monkey that attacked a police officer caused an internet sensation; the story appeared on the “Today” show, “CBS This Morning,” “CNN,” and many more broadcasts in the United States and around the world. As a technology guru, Morgan is the go-to person in the newsroom for troubleshooting video compatibility and editing issues.

Before she landed in the South Texas Coastal Bend, Morgan reported for Cablevision’s entertainment and information program, “Neighborhood Journal” on Long Island in New York. There, she featured unique local stories that developed a sense of community on Long Island. She also shot and edited enterprise web stories on her iPhone for the community-specific news website, Patch.com.

She initially traveled to New York to play collegiate golf at Hofstra University. At Hofstra, she was an essential contributor to Hofstra’s coverage of the 2008 Presidential Debate. She  played an integral part to the development and further continuance of Hofstra’s student-run television broadcast, “Hofstra Today” for which she also produced and provided reports in the form of VOs, VOSOTs and PKGS. In 2009, the Society of Professional Journalists awarded two of her stories the first and second place Mark of Excellence Awards for enterprise stories she shot, reported and edited as a solo-journalist. As a DJ, sports reporter, and morning news reporter, she played many roles at Hofstra’s non-commercial radio station, WRHU (Radio Hofstra University).

Although she’s lived in Wisconsin, New York, Florida and Texas, her “cheesehead” has traveled with her every step of the way. Morgan is open to wherever the world of news could bring her but she will forever remain a loyal supporter of her Green Bay Packers!

For more information on her work experience, click the “resume” tab above or find her information on the “contact” page.


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